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River Ridge Soaps is Born!

Well it is official! I am going to start an online and in home soap business. I feel like a true novice on this business adventure, but leaning into my 35 years in education and leadership development hopefully will help me ride the ups and downs with a growth mindset! First I must say thank you to my husband, sister, daughter, and many friends who have supported me through this research and development stage with their feedback! My deepest appreciation also goes to the many friends who inspired the whole adventure by asking "Do you have a website?" and "Where can I buy your soaps?"

History of how I got here: I have LOVED making homemade pure soap for over 15 years. I watched the very first episodes of Soap Queen TV from Anne Marie over 15 years ago and she still is my silent mentor--coming to me through the internet (find her at I had searched and searched for how to make soap from oils and it took me a year to find her and the recipe. Soaping as a principal gave me aromatherapy and calmness in a somewhat fast paced job. Liz from Lavender Valley Farms in Maple Valley (check her out on Facebook!) allowed me to have this amazing hobby as she bought my soap and sold it at the Maple Valley Farmers Market. Now I am soon retired and we have lost our son this year. Soaping has given me something to do while I cry, an art form to create, and yes the amazing aromatherapy that essential oils bring us all.

I'm on a high learning curve as I explore how to create a website, logo, point of sale, business cards, packaging....the list goes on. But it is a wonderful new adventure!

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