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New Violet Glass, recyclable container.  These jars are over $20 on Amazon for the jars themselves.  Once your butter is gone you will have a high-quality jar to hold fresh herbs or rubs for extended times.  Read all about the jars by looking up ultraviolet light jars online.  


You can recycle your glass jar with your glass recyclables or you can RETURN to River Ridge for a $7.00 credit on your next order.   No more plastic and together we are making the world a bit better!


Choose between Unscented,  Lavender, Coconut, and  Sea Foam.


I wanted to get some of the best oils for our bodies into one cream as my legs, feet, and hands were dry. I put this cream on after a shower and rub it on my feet at night. Everything to make you smooth and hydrated went into this one--here are the ingredients: Babassu Butter, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Vitamin E, JoJoba oil, and a paraben-free preservative. Reviews have been fabulous--one customer wrote "This butter is PHENOMENAL!" and another came and bought a second tub and said she wished she could swim in it! Just what your dry skin needs.


Subscribe and receive your body butter every month and save 15%! Subscriptions may be canceled at any time and must be ordered by themselves in one order. If you are purchasing other bars please make two orders.

River Ridge Body Butter

Price Options
One-time purchase
Body Butter
$21.25every month for 4 months
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