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This bar was launched last year with the AWAKEN scent!  We have all worked to wash and help out team awaken to a new era!  Let's get them through the play-offs now!  Go Hawks! Soaps come in a "You Wash and They Win! Do Your Part" bag.  Go Hawks River Ridge Soap is the same highly hydrating soap as our other soaps.  Scented with Awaken Fragrance-this soap is a soft citrus blend that will help our team to AWAKEN to a new era headed back to the super bowl!   This 4 oz bar is made with olive oil, distilled water, coconut oil, palm oil, water, sunflower oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, cocoa butter, fragrance oil, mica

Go Hawks!

  • Give Your Bars Some Air!


    All River Ridge soaps have been cured for four to six weeks.  Curing allows the water in the bar to evaporate, leaving a hard bar of sponified oils and scent.   


    Handmade bar soaps continue to harden as water evaporates out of the bar over time.  If left in water or on the side of a tub soaps will absorb the water and become mushy, thus reversing the curing! Nothing wrong with the mushy soap--your bar will just not last as long!


    A soap dish that allows air around the soap is your best friend!

  • 100% Guaranteed Happiness!


    Each River Ridge soap is a unique and one of a kind soap art. This is the nature of homemade and not coming from a factory. They each will have thier own character, coloring, scratches and markings--very normal in hand cut soaps.


    They are guarenteed to be made from high quality responsibly harvested oils and be great mosturizers for your skin. If you are not totally happy with your soap we will return your payment or send you a new soap.  Email us through "Contact Us"

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