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These new larger SOAK bombs turn your bath into a spa! Fill your tub with buttermilk foam, aromatherapy scents, cocoa, mango and babassu butters and relax while your skin says thank you. This is a luxury spa type experience, not your child's bath bomb.


Topped with colored sea salts and come in adorable silver foil printed gift box ready to sell with scent labeled on bottom.


--Watch video for fizzing action and buttermilk foam

--Will not color tub water or walls, will not leave residue


These larger 160g Soak Bombs come in a gift box. Smaller soak bombs are still available in studio for $4.50 each.


Ingredients: Baking soda, Citric acid, Cocoa butter, Mango butter, Babussau butter, Witch Hazel, Polsorbate 80, Sea salts, fragrance or essential oils and mica.


  • 100% Guaranteed Happiness!


    Each River Ridge soap is a unique and one of a kind soap art. This is the nature of homemade and not coming from a factory. They each will have thier own character, coloring, scratches and markings--very normal in hand cut soaps.


    They are guarenteed to be made from high quality responsibly harvested oils and be great mosturizers for your skin. If you are not totally happy with your soap we will return your payment or send you a new soap.  Email us through "Contact Us"

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